Pulpit rock

Project Goal:

Create a remote-controlled non-rigid dirigible of our own design with Kinect control capabilities

When we started this project, we began with the goal of creating a remote-controlled non-rigid dirigible of our own design. Our aim was to produce a craft which communicates wirelessly with a laptop and can accept control signals from either a human operator or a control program. The original stretch goals of the project were following waypoints or performing aerobatic maneuvers.

We achieved our initial goal well within the time allotted. However the time remaining was not enough to develop or integrate new hardware into dirigible so our new stretch goal became novel driver interactions. To this end we used a Kinect to interpret the gestures of a person into commands for the dirigible. In the end our project resulted in a remotely controlled dirigible that could be controlled by both a standard Xbox controller and a gesture interpreting Kinect. But getting there wasn't the most clear cut of paths.