The Enigma MachineA Fresh Take on an Historic Machine

The Enigma Machine

A POE Project

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The Team

About Us

Our team is composed of five focused and ambitious engineering students at Olin College of Engineering.
Libby is our resident mechanical engineer. The idea for this project spawned from her work at a museum over the summer, and she has helped drive the team throughout the project. She is our fearless leader. Libby contributes heavily to our mechanical subteam and her goals range from aesthetic to mechanical integration.
Corey co-leads our electrical subteam. His love and constant desire for snacks has ensured that the team has stayed nourished throughout the project. Corey contributes mainly to our electrical subteam, where he can often be overheard discussing relays and seen shocking himself with electroluminescent wire.
Bryce is the other co-lead for our electrical subteam. The team lovingly refers to him as "B", to which he responds with post-it notes that suggest our goals should include "getting Corey off the team." Bryce contributes heavily to our electrical subteam and his goals range from doing electrical stuff to programming.
Shyheim is a jack of all trades. He has contributed to multiple subteams, with his main focus being on developing our mechanical housing. His positive attitude ensures the team stays in a good mindset and on-task. Shyheim contributes mainly to our mechanical subteam and his goals range from CAD to programming.
Daniel leads our software subteam. He can often be found trying to find new programming tasks to tackle or getting outside. Daniel contributes to both our software and mechanical subteams, and his goals range from programming to integration.

The Process

PoE 2018

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