We created an autonomous nerf launcher which utilizes stereo vision to track and intercept moving objects.

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Version 0

This was our rapid prototype version utilizing a laser pointer. We used monocular vision to track a moving object and aim using a pan/tilt mechanism.

Version 1

This version utilzes a stereo camera setup as well as a pan/tilt mechanism for the Nerf Barricade.

Version 2



This project incorporated technologies both mechanical and computational.

  • Mechanical Design

    This project utilizes computer-designed parts for assemblies such as a pan-tilt mechanism and linear actuation for the trigger.

  • ROS

    To coordinate sensor input with actuation, we use ROS, an industry-tested open source robotics framework.

  • Programming

    This project utilizes c++ with libraries such as PCL to process point clouds and OpenCV to track objects in images.

  • DevOps

    For ease of documentation, testing, and deployment, we use a combination of continuous integration/deployment with travis-ci and docker. Docker makes installing our program on other computers easy by making our setup portable and uncoupled from the host system.

  • Electrical Design


  • Teamwork

    We worked as a tightly-knit team of five for six weeks utilizing scrum, learning much about how to plan and communicate to best reach our dreams.


This is an open source project. Here are the source links.