Our Budget

Each POE team had a budget of $250. To keep track of how much we were spending and what we were buying, we made a budget spreadsheet that kept track of what the item was, who manufactured it, and how much it cost. We then tallied the total price of all of the purchased items, and made sure that with each additional purchase we stayed under $250 total. By the end of our project, we had just under $4 to spare. However, we did borrow some components from team members and the POE lab that would bring up the cost of the project by about $80. You can view the table below to get a more specific breakdown of prices.

Item Vendor Amount Total Cost
Steel marbles x500 Amazon $31.82 $246.24
Xylophone Amazon $24.91  
Mini solenoids x13 Adafruit $78.15  
Foam Jo-Ann Fabrics $9.20  
Magnetic tape Harvey’s Hardware $1.99  
Disk magnets x2 Harvey’s Hardware $7.98  
V-belt Harvey’s Hardware $8.11  
Push buttons 5x Amazon $11.79  
Sandpaper Home Depot $4.27  
Wood stain Home Depot $7.98  
Stain brush Home Depot $7.97  
Super glue Home Depot $5.98  
Stain pen Home Depot $5.19  
Plywood Home Depot $25.42  
Spray paint Home Depot $11.50  
Spray paint nozzle Home Depot $2.98  
Items received for no cost     Total Estimated Value
Raspberry Pi Team member $35.00 $118.75
16GB SD card for Raspberry Pi Team member $10.00  
1.75 mm PLA 3D printer filament Olin stock $10.00  
1/8” acrylic sheet Olin stock $5.00  
Motor PoE Lab $15.00  
Addressable LEDs x5 PoE Lab $3.00  
Hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.) PoE Lab $3.00  
Wiring hardware (wire, terminals, jumper cables, etc.) PoE Lab $5.00  
5V power supply PoE Lab $5.00  
12V power supply PoE Lab $5.00  
Motor shield PoE Lab $20.00  
Protoboard Team member $2.50  
Black fabric Olin scrap $0.25