About Us

About Us

Jukebox Heroes is made up of five dedicated and excited students of a Principles of Engineering class at Olin College of Engineering. As a part of this class we were given 8 weeks to create a product that contained mechanical, electrical, and software components. With this prompt and timeline in mind we ideated potential project ideas ranging from braille printers to automated gardens, and settled upon the idea of making a mechanically played jukebox. From this, Jukebox Heroes was born.

Kerry McConnaughay, sophomore mechanical engineer.

Kerry McConnaughay, originally from Northern Virginia, is a member of the Class of 2020 and intends to major in Mechanical Engineering. She is primarily interested in the intersection of mechanical engineering with the medical field and hopes to work on biomedical devices or go to medical school (still undecided). In her free time, she really enjoys music and plays in Olin’s Conductorless Orchestra. She had a great time working on the jukebox and combining her engineering skills with music. She loved working with the other Jukebox Heroes and is glad they could move past their differences in their tastes of music.


Matt is a Class of 2020 E:Computing major. He grew up romping through the corn fields of Iowa, and as such he shares a special bond with anything corn-related. On the team, his primary focus is handling the software tasks and finding sketchy C++ libraries for various purposes. In this project, he hopes to get better at doing rapid prototyping through laser cutting and 3D printing, and to also learn more about a programming language that isn’t Python. In his free time, he enjoys doing education research and singing along to “Mi Gente.”

Annie Kroo

Annie Kroo is a class of 2020 electrical engineering student at Olin College of Engineering. She is particularly interested in RF communications and in mechatronics. In this project her goals have been to get better at creating high quality prototypes, work on systems integration and learn more and practice electrical circuit design. She has done each of these in her work on the electrical design of the system as well as her design and prototyping of the marble return system. Annie has really enjoyed working on this project as it brings together her love of music with her love of engineering. In her spare time, she loves hiking, soccer, theater, and piloting small planes.

Missoury Lytle

Missoury Lytle studies engineering with a concentration in chemistry at Olin College of Engineering as a second year student. Born in West Virginia, she enjoys long walks on the beaches of her local lakes and running through forests. Her scholarly interests for this project include mechanical design and system integration, and she has had a wonderful time working on the functionality of the marble release mechanism. Beyond the goals of implementing good engineering practices, she has enjoyed the opportunities this project has given her to show off her aesthetic abilities while putting the final touches on the structure.

Lacie Fradet

Lacie Fradet studies Mechanical Engineering at Olin College of Engineering, and will graduate in 2020. Born in southern California, she has had a lot of exposure to space exploration, and wants to pursue a career in that field. With this project, she hopes to increase her skills in SolidWorks and fabrication by designing, making, and assembling the jukebox enclosure. In her free time, she plays Ultimate Frisbee on Olin’s team, and helps design and build the Formula car for Olin Electric Motorsports.