Remy Boudousquie

Likes tools and has a bad habit of bringing home animals and making her family keep them. She's learned the basics of doing a website and vaguely clinging to her sanity while attempting to shopbot. Also hopes if people are good enough in their life, they can be reincarnated as well-loved house cats.


Vivien Chen

Vivien is a sophomore at Olin College studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. A lone member of the Electrical Subteam, her learning goal was to design circuits that work in context with mechanical and firmware systems. Aside from figuring out how to wire and power an obscene number of sensors and servos, she dabbled in design work and a bit of coding. She originates from Hawaii and enjoys hibernation during the winter.


Anupama Krishnan

Ana is a sophomore who is an Engineering:Computing:Design major. She has an attention to detail that is almost annoying. She’s become a lot better at CAD and modifying designs to fit constraints. She spent a lot of time making things pretty, being a #freeagent, and helping where help was needed. She’s from New Jersey, and likes being an R2, doing Student Government things, and making vats of hot chocolate with lots of milkfat in her free time.


Louise Nielsen

Louise is a junior E:Human Centered Computing major at Olin. They wanted to learn how to tell a microcontroller to do things, and after spending most of their time staring at screens and trying to understand C/C++, they’ve learned something. They’re from Maine and generally prefer to spend their time with blankets and applesauce.


Meaghen Sausville

Meaghen is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering who mainly worked on the flower design and movement. She has now learned how to cut as many parts as possible out of a small piece of hardboard, wrestle with CAD, and the merits of a hot glue gun. She hails from upstate New York and enjoys hanging with friends, spinning fire, and walking in Parcel B while contemplating her life choices.