The Team

Vicky McDermott

Vicky is an Engineering with Computing major who is always willing to dedicate her innovative mind and skills to the progress of the team. Her team is especially impressed by her consistent and sufficient sleep schedule despite her packed schedule of classes, robotics research, Ultimate Frisbee, and leading Olin's Hackers club.

Katya Donovan

Katya is an energetic and passionate mechanical engineer-in-training. Her team especially appreciates her constant enthusiasm for our project, ability to sense when the team isn't on track and willingness to correct it, and consistently awesome taste in music.

Peter Seger

Peter is an Engineering with Computing major who is always willing to contribute his experience to the benefit of the team. Some of his most valuable contributions to date have included demonstrations of great dance moves and thorough knowledge of the locations of the best local ice cream spots, as evidenced in team photos.

Maggie Rosner

Maggie is a dedicated student of mechanical engineering who has an awesome sense of style, amazing passion for contemporary classical music, and does super cool outdoors things like hiking and skiing. Her team really appreciates how she never hesitates to dedicate time and energy to the things she's passionate about, including this project!

Gracey Wilson

Gracey is an aspiring electrical and computer engineer who finds herself energized by the passion of the people around her. She enjoys writing songs, philosophical papers and team bios.

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