Meet Margo!

The ultimate coder with the ultimate shoes

MARGO!!! :)

Margo may be small in stature, but she's got a big brain and even bigger heart. With 3 years of coding under her belt and a wide range of hacker dood skills, this cool kid has definitely been a driving force on Daedalus. In her freetime she likes to scoot around Olin in her amazing Heelys and holographic backpack. When she isn't rolling around she likes to do cool gymnastic tricks and dress up festively to the delight of everyone around her. Roll on Margo, roll on.

Roles and Responsibilites

Margo worked primarily on the software for the project, creating a variety of programs to move the wings. She was in charge of calibrating sensors and determining how to translate our sensor value to movements. She was also an electrical helper, she soldered, arranged, and designed circuits under the guidance of the all-knowing Sophie.