Meet Christina!

Above average in height and CADing skills

Lovely Image of Christina

The Humphead Parrotfish, nearly a meter and a half in length. Their jaws are so powerful they can bite through rock. Oh wait, wrong bio. Christina, who is NOT a Humphead Parrotfish, is an amazingly hardworking individual who towers above her peers, literally and figuratively. When not chugging away at robotics, she spends her freetime on...robotics? Well, as Leslie Knope would say, "You are a beautiful tropical fish; smart as a whip and cool under pressure."

Roles and Responsibilities

Christina loves CAD and therefore likes to find new ways to intricately CAD things that will never be seen. She was in charge of the linkages and actuation method of the wing system. She worked a lot on linkage geometry, motor data research, and iterating on the motor mounts. On the fabrication side she lasercut the linkages and 3D printed the motor and potentiometer mounts.