So...What is Project Daedalus?

And what did we do?

The Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus is a classic tale of adventure. Daedalus, a reknown inventor and craftsman, builds wings for his son and himself to escape the island they are trapped on. The legend ends with the son Icarus falling to the Earth, his wings failing him after ignoring his father's warnings. While Icarus is typically the focus of this story, as engineers we were inspired with the father and inventor Daedalus. With this we decided to make wearable articulated wings. Although not made of wax or designed to fly, our wings move with the user and react to their surrounding.

Project Overview

The main goal of our project was to create a pair of wearable, articulated wings that would react to the environment by changing its movement pattern. By the end, we determined that our environmental stimuli would be proximity and input from our strain sensors. In this way, our wings could avoid bumping into objects or people near it and move with its user's arm movement. Aesthetics wise, we went for a modern angel look and a sleek black color with blue accents.