About Our Team

We’re Team SprinkOlin, and we love to make bad puns with our name.


Ariana Olson, ECE '19

Liv Kelley, E:Bio '19



Justin Kunimune, E:Robo '19

Anne Ku, ECE '19

Lydia Zuehsow, E:Robo '19

Ariana Olson

Ariana is a sophomore at Olin who is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She loves alternative music, biking, and her dog. Her learning goals for this project included learning more about electrical systems and computing. She made progress on these goals throughout the project by doing much of the soldering and electrical work on our team as well as much of the computing, especially that having to do with gantry movement.

Anne Ku

Annie is also a sophomore studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Hailing from NorCal, she finds herself unaccustomed to the weather patterns in the East Coast. Her goal in this project was to learn as much as she could in the Electrical and Computer Engineering realm. As a result, she helped develop the website, proccessed images, and developed machine code for the gantry.

Liv Kelley

Liv Kelley is a sophomore interested in bioengineering. She is part-Danish and has a cat named after the dog from the Wizard of Oz. Her learning goals included improving her skill in mechanical design and fabrication. She did so by CADing, printing, and filing many of the dispensers as well as by helping out with gantry assembly.

Justin Kunimune

Justin Kunimune is a sophomore pursuing a Robotic Engineering degree. He is from Hawai'i, loves map projections, and can sing "Let it Go" in Japanese. Justin's goal was to practice mechanical design and fabrication and he did so primarily by CADing and working on the gantry throughout the project.

Lydia Zuehsow

Lydia is a sophomore fascinated with Robotic Engineering. Lydia likes anime, Korean pencils, and birds. Lydia's learning goals included working on upper level software and visual processing, and she made progress on those by helping Anne and Ariana out on the electrical and computing team, by using OpenCV to write image segmentation and color identification software, and by writing pixel-color-to-printer-command software in Python.