About the Team

Apurva, who writes the   Caz, a guy, presumably     Emily, dedicated to discover-   Paige, the electrical wizard,   Regina, master of the secret code that ravels the           with some sort of attrib-  ing every secret of the mech-     who causes fires every-           cutting arts of laz0rs!         nubbins of the universe!   utes!                                         anics of the cosmos!                     where she goes!

Hey, we’re team Party Grave. The etymology? “We’re not going to dig a deep grave together. We’re not necessarily going to try and dig a shallow grave either. But regardless of how deep it is, it will be a party grave.” The grave, by the way, is a metaphor for how much you want to die during finals week.

Alternate names:
Team Guilt Dress, Team Jank Spoon, Team Dirt Hole, Team Music Clox, Team Clockception

We made our team with the team dynamic in mind, using the people who happened to be in WH3 lounge in the hour after POE. We all were looking for an emphasis on team bonding and doing work that we wanted to be doing.


About hte Meme

"Two omples in every garage and a tical in every pot!"

About the Scream