Meet the team behind it all!

Lauren's Face


E:Robo, class of 2019. Github Link
“I was looking forward to working with an interesting medium and problem solving in a space that I don’t have experience in, which was more than fulfilled by us tackling a water-based system. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to find efficient solutions and take the right risks in a space where multiple teams have failed previously. It was quite the challenge, but a really fun one that I’ve had an amazing time working with.”

Audrey's Face


E:Robo, class of 2019. Github Link
“PoE is basically the dream class for a robotics engineer like me - such a fantastic chance to work with software, mechanical, and electrical integration, which is basically what Robo:E is all about. I ended up focusing on the mechanical system mostly for Cascade, but got the opportunity to tinker with everything. Thank you so much to the team for supporting my dream!”

Diego's Face


E:Robo, class of 2019. Github Link
"I wanted to tackle a challenge that dealt with some thing I had no experience with. Mission accomplished. Water is hard to deal with. Nevertheless, I learned a lot over the course of this project, from fluid dynamics to integrating a large system such as Cascade. It also helps to have such an amazing team as this one."

Kim's Face


ECE, class of 2019. Github Link
“For this project, I wanted to work with water pressure systems, because it’s a really interesting space and this project provides a unique opportunity to do that. I wanted to learn more about integration as well, as I’ve never really worked on a project that placed this much of an emphasis on electrical, mechanical, and software integration. I’d like to thank my team and the teaching team for helping us achieve our goals.”

Carl's Face


E:Robo, class of 2019. Github Link
"Carl is a butt who can’t write his own bio. Despite this, he’s really great at the whole ECE thing, and worked a lot on controlling the valves and figuring out how on earth to make patterns. His circuits are really pretty, but also kind of smell. Carl is a wonderful human (and still a butt)."