Sprint 1

Creating our first actuating nozzle.

First Pass Actuating Nozzle

The initial nozzle was essential in helping us figure out if we would be able to create the water pressure that we needed using only gravity. This was done after consulting Brian Storey, a rather knowledgeable human, about fluid dynamics. We determined that we would have enough water pressure for at least one nozzle to actuate properly and create a somewhat pleasant aesthetic.

We created a waterproof system in which we placed the nozzle at the bottom of a bucket and filled the bucket about halfway with water. We connected the solenoid to the PWM port on an arduino and simply turned it on and off.

Lessons Learned

This sprint we learned that scaling appropriately is important. We also learned that budgeting for really large projects is really hard. We also learned that sometimes there are unexpected and time-costly setbacks and that ordering parts as far in advance as possible without risking purchasing the wrong parts is paramount.

Mechanical Progress

We prototyped one nozzle and determined that we could get the desired aesthetic flow using a nozzle.

Electrical Progress

We were able to power a solenoid valve using an arduino and actuate it using fluctuations in voltage.

Software Progress

We adapted blinking light code to turn the nozzle on and off.