Agile Scrum: The Sprint Process

We broke our project up into four two-week sprints in order to gauge our progress, set reasonable goals, and be able to reassess and continually make good progress. After each of the sprints, we had a review with other students, professors, and teaching assistants in order to get feedback on our project. After each sprint review, we had a sprint retrospective to consolidate the major lessons we learned, and make sure we take those forward into the next sprint as places of improvement. From there, we planned the next sprint and hit the ground running!

Individual Sprint Progress

Click on the pictures below to see more detail on each sprint

Sprint 1

We started with a bucket, a nozzle, and a dream.

Sprint 2

Research, design, and recovering from mistakes pushed us forward despite being material-limited.

Sprint 3

We learned a ton from calculations, integration, and killing our darlings and redesigning from scratch.

Sprint 4

Scaling, determination, and testing bring us down the home stretch!