Sprint 1

Research, scoping, and initial prototyping

During the first sprint, we focused on researching and scoping the project. We found early on that there have not been a lot of interactive laser, phosphorescent material systems, so we decided to prioritize user control of the product.

Touchscreen Research

We initially wanted to make the sphere itself into a touchscreen, but this was prohibitively expensive. We also considered a cylindrical shape, but this change didn’t do much to fix the cost issue. Flashier options exhausted, we decided to use an external, flat touchscreen. However, the priority for the minimum viable product was to have the simplest possible working system, which did not require touchscreen input.

Other Research and Initial Prototyping

We also researched the other basic required components of our system, such as phosphorescent material, servos, and laser diodes. These elements were significantly less problematic, and did not seem to require immediate rescoping. bad prototype We ordered a number of parts and got started on a first-pass design.

Towards the end of the first sprint we began working with the touchscreen, despite the fact that it was not included in our MVP. We didn’t have the right adapter for the touchscreen for interfacing with the Arduino, so this early work wasn’t successful.