The Team

The engineers behind the phosphorescent curtain

Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon

Matthew is an engineer with a concentration in Computing, with strong interests in designing user experiences. For this project he focused on some of the algorithmic components of software as well as mechanical design. In his free time, he mostly plays with cards.

Coleman Ellis

Coleman is ostensibly an electrical engineering major, and when he’s not trying to convince people to play board games with him he’s working on this project’s electrical subsystems. He's also responsible for some of the mechanical aspects, despite his best efforts.

Taylor Sheneman

Taylor is an electrical and computer engineering major, with a focus on software systems. He is responsible for most of the embedded code in this project, as well as this website. He hates Arduino C, and Arduino C hates him too.

Bryan Werth

Bryan is an electrical engineering major with an interest in computer science at Olin College. He enjoys unicycling and singing in his free time. For this project, he worked on the electrical and mechanical subsystems.