Aidan [REDACTED] McLaughlin, alias Timberwolf

Aidan - called “kitty” by his family and “timberwolf” in matters of international importance.

“Super chill big dog type. 5 LEDs, would POE again” - The New York Times

Cullen Lord Ross, alias Rocklobster

Cullen “Rock Lobster” Ross is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Olin. He enjoys long naps on the couch and the smell of burnt LEDs in the morning. When he isn’t cutting or stripping wires for LED matrices, he can usually be found drilling holes or staining wood to hold LED matrices. One of his main goals for this project was to learn about web development, so any bugs or incompatibilities in this site are probably his fault!

Mindy Dinter Tieu, alias Icebear

Hello! I’m Mindy POE code name Icebear and also known as Dinter when gaming. I’m a mechanical engineer that enjoys mechanical design and applications in the biomedical device sphere. I like woodworking and I dislike trying to waterproof systems. You can find me in my room gaming while snacking chestnuts and mangos.

“Feline… Kinda like a rug in certain situations.” - Aidan Mclaughlin, 2017

“Arrived 15 minutes late, without car. Worst Uber ever.” - Cullen Ross, 2017

“Somehow manages to look normal in all of her thousands of facebook photos.” - Paige Cote*, 2017

*Paige promises she’s not a stalker. . .

Paige Michelle Cote, alias Firelizard

Paige is theoretically about to get a degree in Engineering with Computing one week after writing this bio, but only if the professors of this class let her pass super senior POE. Please? Her primary goals this semester were to learn more about fabrication and finally make an awesome project that exists in a non-electrical realm. Thanks to the a POE team that mostly should have graduated by now, that definitely happened! She enjoys taking accidental 3 hour naps, reading trashy sci-fi novels, and spending too much money on cheese.