we are

current students
future engineers

furiously prototyping away at
Franklin W. Olin of Engineering

Max Dietrich

max is a 19 year old mechanical engineering prodigy student hailing from houston, TX. there are few things that make this wayward texan feel more at home than static systems and the warm glow of solidWorks. unfortunately for him this project forced him to give up those comforts for the chaos of fluid motion. when he is not working on POE, max enjoys pursuing his degree, watching battlestar galactica and not paying for uber.

Sean Foley

a confused programmer trying to solder perf boards with a hot glue gun. sean previously lived in northern virginia, and loves coding, books, and wandering in the woods.

Jingyi Xu

jingyi is a young mechanical engineer who is really good at getting most stuff working and messing the rest of the stuff up. jingyi also likes having a lot of shelves in her room, so that she can display more of the things she hoards.

Max Wei

max is very committed to making our pen the best. the greatest. it’ll be so great, that other pens won’t compare. you’ll see. yuuuler.

Rachel Yang

from the depths of the midwest, rachel reps the STL loud and proud. she plans on studying computing in the midst of her adventures here at olin. she loves taking (unflattering) pictures of her teammates, developing her design aesthetic, and tending to her basic foodie heart by snacking 24/7.