Meet Pinc.

the pen that can do more than just write.

like a color

find a wall, a painting, a plant, an object ~ whatever ~ that has a color you want to write in.


scan a color

take our color sensor, hold it by this object for two seconds, and press the scan button. check the display on your computer to make sure it reads the color you want.

write and go

Pinc then selects the color in its reservoir that's closest to this detected color and dispenses it out through the pen tip. simply press the flush button to clean out the system when you want to write in a new color!

pinc in motion

the complete process

photo gallery

our main objective for this project was to focus and prioritize functionality over aesthetic. as our
minimum viable product, we emphasized the color sensing and ink dispensing components of our
pen more so than anything else. thus, properties like tight packaging were not as important to us.

feel free to click on any image below to take a closer look!

project cost

our calculated BOM || * = estimated materials, found for free