The Team

The people who built the thing.

Kevin Crispie

Kevin is a friction slayer and the mechanical mastermind behind the design of the gantry. He enjoys building rockets, robots, and doing other cool stuff like eating breadsticks. Trent also thinks he is good at plating food. Kevin doesn’t know what Trent is talking about.

Trent Dye

Trent is a perfectionist with a particular passion for screw-reinforced mortise-and-tenon joints. He brought his superior sense of design to everything about this project: The gantry, the electrical housing, and even the website. He is addicted to popcorn and coffee, and can be found in the library late at night watching Solidworks webinars or pretending to do biology homework.

Sunny Shroff

Sunny is the genius behind our custom batter extrusion method. He’s also not too shabby at plugging wires into an Arduino. Hailing from the tax-free part of Massachusetts, Sunny used his financial chops to manage the team’s budget. Sunny is interested in sustainability and Slovenian romance novels.

Isaac Getto

Programming wiz Isaac designed the user interface and wrote all the firmware for the project. Isaac’s worst life experience was when he had to boot into Windows to run a program. He still hasn’t recovered from it.