About us

We're a group of sophomores at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA enrolled in Principles of Engineering, a mechatronics class focusing on integrating software, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Get to know the team
Unit name: Spice Girls


Codename: Basil
Learning Interests: user experience, software development, web development, version control

Better known as Gübi, Gaby is a sophomore at Olin majoring in Engineering with Design. In her free time, Gaby enjoys blues dancing, listening to music from bands you’ve never heard of, and being an actual ninja on the trapeze. She drives a Mini Cooper and can make any design beautiful.


Codename: Ginger
Learning Interests: user design, code integration, CAD

Kathryn Hite, known as Katie to her friends and classmates, is a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering majoring in Engineering with a focus in Computer Science. She is a boss at coding, CAD, and all things electrical. In her free time, she likes to write snarky Safety Guides for lazers and navigate and play flute for Olin Conductorless Orchestra. Although she claims winds are more superior, everyone knows that strings are the greatest.


Codename: Cinnamon
Learning Interests: CAD, web development, large project design

Mary Martin is a sophomore at Olin College, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is the original lazer maze ninja and in this mission has served as head PVC engineer/destroyer and CAD boss. In her free time she enjoys blues dancing, spotting every dog within a one mile radius, and parkour.


Codename: Turmeric
Learning Interests: circuit design, version control, good code practices

Anisha is a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She enjoys building circuits, all things sustainability, and general snarkiness. Her "preferred" form of version control is the back-and-forth emailing of appropriately named documents, such as "poeLab2NewReal.ino."


Codename: Thyme
Learning Interests: coding skills, CAD, version control

Shreya is the triple-threat of a Biochemical Engineer who can also design circuits and write software. In this mission, she has helped design user interaction, ordered a wizard stick, and served as a unit of measurement. On top of that, she somehow finds time to be a talented violinist and a navigator for the Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO).