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David Abrahams

Hi, I’m David “Swole” Abrahams. I program a lot of things, including phones and computers. I tried soldering once, until I messed up and Shane Kelly kidney-punched me. When I’m not programming things, I can be found squatting massive amounts of weight or eating pound after pound of chicken. The other day, someone asked me if I could squat more weight than I could eat, and I honestly didn’t have an answer for them. All I know is that when I’m done eating, I can’t sit down for at least 45 minutes, usually an hour.

Mikhaela Dietch

Mikhaela is a beautiful human being with an even more beautiful soul, who may or may not be wanted by the French government. Mikhaela is from Portland Oregon, and is currently a sophomore at Olin College, majoring in interaction design. She is an incredible artist and could have succeeded in joining an artistic hippie commune if she had not decided she would rather go to Engineering school for a few years. When not creating beautiful things for this project, Mikhaela can probably be found creating all sorts of other beautiful things, and generally being an amazing person.

Shane Kelly

Hi! I'm Shane Gerard Kelly! I am an electronics aficionado and avid robotics enthusiast. I can 3D print literally anything, and sometimes I channel my inner robot by going days without eating or sleeping in order to finish my awesome projects. When I'm not spending time with my girlfriend Merida (the 3D printer), you can find me checking myself out in the mirror wearing my hipster purple skinny pants and drinking 1,600 calorie protein shakes.

I'm from Texas, and though I tuck away my cowboy hat and boots while at Olin, just know that they're always in my closet. It was a really tough decision, but I'm glad I chose to forgo the rodeo and come to Olin, cuz turns out engineering is pretty cool.

Brenna Manning

Brenna is a current sophomore at Olin college in the class of 2018. She is pursuing a degree in electrical and computer engineering, a goal in which she will, with no doubt, succeed. When Brenna is not reflowing solder connections on an intricate circuit, playing her ukelele named "The Deliverer of Justice", writing firmware on an Arduino Nano, or pushing to her favorite git repositories she can be found basking in the limelight during one of her many involvements in theatrical performances with Olin's performance group, FWOP, of which she is the president. Brenna's light hearted spirit and golden smile serve as a beacon of hope for our team. Once, when our project was on the brink of collapse, Brenna said "We can just take the vibration from the glow in the dark potato" and we instantly regained our direction. Our project was saved.

Alix McCabe

Alix may not be the bionic amazon queen of mars but she likes to think that’s just due to bad luck. Instead she spends her days pondering the meaning of life while demonstrating that her skills as a burgeoning mechanical engineer certainly qualify her for, if not intergalactic, than at least world domination. She’s a sophomore now, at Olin College of Engineering, but pretty soon she won’t be; she’ll be something else.
She spends her afternoons doing way cool things, like taking pictures, doing engineering stuff, and getting lost in the rain. A lady with a colorful past Alix looks forward to the future. This project is just the beginning of a beautiful artistic career, look for Alix in the list of American goddesses next time you open a phonebook.
Also, she would like to remind you to always plug things in.