Meet the Team

Members and Personal Learning Goals


For this project, I hope to use my experience with CAD and mechanical design to produce an elegant real-world system. I am focusing on the mechanical design of the project. I want to get more experience building the machines I design and designing outside of a vacuum, taking into consideration the restrictions of electrical and software systems when CADing and being able to compensate for them when I can.


Being a Computer Science Major, it is easy for me to find and do software heavy projects. For POE, I want to venture into mechanical engineering and explore how design contributes to the overall product. Along with that, I want to make sure to expand my software skills by learning Computer Vision.


I want to do more computer vision and human interaction code. Perhaps optimization of CV code so we can move this stuff onto a Raspberry Pi


I am a member of the Class of 2018, planning to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In this project, I am working on the electrical and website development of the project. I want to expand on the coding I know by especially working with html and Jekyll in this project, as well as hone my knowledge about electrical systems.


I’m majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, so for this project, I want to gain experience in the EE side of things. I don’t have a firm definition for what that means, but I will be satisfied as long as I don’t become a person whose only job is to add wires to things. I also want to integrate with mechanical and will definitely work on some software if needed.