We got some money!
Item Unit Cost # of Units Needed Total Cost Who Bought Reason for Purchase/Notes
LEDs$1.5815$23.63ECE StockroomAmbient effect to the sculpture
Raspberry Pi Display$39.951$39.95WilliamEnhanced Interaction
Arduino Uno$19.951$19.95FreePre-bought for class
Raspberry Pi 2$38.651$38.65FreeFace Detection and other computation
Logitech C615 HD Webcam$49.991$49.99FreeActive mode interaction
MDF  $12.00DevynnConstruction
Accelerometer (ADXL335)$14.951$14.95WilliamMotion detection
Arduino Microphone$11.991$11.99WilliamSound detection/Unused
Stepper Motors and Drivers (Adafruit)  $44.00DevynnMoving spines/Unused
Stepper Motors and Drivers (You-do-it)  $63.54DevynnUnused
Stepper Motors and Drivers (Adafruit)  $53.34DevynnMoving spines/Unused
Budget for Project, Included in Sculpture  $211.11  
Budge Spent for Project  $263.40  
Total Cost of Objects  $371.99